Dr. Abdul Kalam Movie 1st Day Box Office Collection Total Worldwide Business Income Report

Dr. Abdul Kalam Movie 1st Day Box Office Collection Total Worldwide Business Income Report : After the biopic of Milkha Singh, Mary Kom, Sarabjit Singh, it’s time for the biopic of our Former Indian President Late APJ Abdul Kalam. This biopic movie is made by Pramod Gore under his banner Atharva Motion Pictures. Scientist turned politician, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has done so many things for our nation that it is proud to have a biopic movie on him. He is an inspiration for the complete nation. The movie will depict the complete story of his life, how a small village boy rose against all the odds and became not only a renowned scientist but also the president of our country.

‘Dr. Abdul Kalam’ movie is scheduled to release on 6th April 2018. This movie is produced by Telugu producer Anil Sunkara along with Abhishek Aggarwal. The pre-productions of these movies started in the year 2016.On 27 July 2017, the first poster of the movie was launched by the chairman of Indian Space Research organization, A.S.Kiran Kumar. This was the second death anniversary of the honorable former president Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. And the launching of the first poster was done in Rameshwaram which is the birthplace of Kalam. The movie is all about his upbringings, his career, his contribution to the society and how he helped to make India nuclear secrets safe.

The film titled ‘Dr. Abdul Kalam’ is written by renowned writer Raj Chengappa. He has also written a book on him. For a worldwide reach, the biopic is going to be in the English language. The first poster of the movie reads, ‘He dreamt, he conquered’ and the second one reads, ‘every age has a Hero, Every Hero has a story’. The lead character in this movie will be played by Boman Irani. He has played many interesting characters in his life career and this is for the first time that he is going to play a character like this.

Dr. Abdul Kalam 1st Day Box Office Collection

The missile man of India was an aeronautical engineer and scientist who have worked on ballistic missiles and space rocket technology. This biopic will show how he got the name, ‘Missile man of India’. Also, the movie will depict India’s Pokhran Nuclear tests and how kalam kept the secrets of India’s nuclear tests. The film is made with a big budget and supposed to make a business of above Rs 15 crores on the first day of its release. The movie casting and plotting started from the year 2016 and it took a huge time to show the movie on screens. Therefore, people are waiting eagerly for the release of this movie.

Dr. Abdul Kalam 2nd Day Box Office Collection

The first trailer for the movie was released in June 2017. After the release of its first poster, the success of the movie can be forecasted. The movie will make us remembers about one of the great givers of India, who has done so many things through his life to make India proud and more safe and strong country. And now a biopic on such a great legend is going to hit the cinema. The 2nd-day box office collection of the movie is supposed to be of Rs 18-20 crores.

Dr. Abdul Kalam 3rd Day Box Office Collection

‘Dr. Abdul Kalam’ is not just a movie. This movie is Kalam’s complete life story. How he brought up, how he became an aeronautical engineer, how he gave his great contributions in the field of science, how he launches the first missile of India and became the ‘Missile man of India’, how he made the successful execution of India’s first Nuclear test and a lot more on this. On the 3rd day after the release of the movie, which is the first Sunday after movie opening, the theatre occupancy is supposed to increase and the expected 3rd-day collection of the movie is supposed to be Rs 15-18 crores.

Dr. Abdul Kalam 4th Day Box Office Collection

Boman Irani starring biopic on Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is all set to hit the cinema in the first week of April this year. Famous Telugu producer, Anil Sunkara is going to produce this movie and he is thinking about this biopic for a long time and made a lot of researchers on this. He has also visited the kalam’s house and met with all the people who know Kalam to make the biopic a masterpiece. On the 4th day of the movie release which is the first Monday after the movie release, the movie is supposed to keep its rule on the box office and the earning might go up to Rs 8-10 crores.

Dr. Abdul Kalam 5th Day Box Office Collection

Dr. Abdul Kalam was one of the most influential people of the India who was not only a scientist but also remained the president of India. His life is full of inspirations and now this biopic is going to inspire people. This biopic would be a tribute to that great soul and a pleasure to acknowledge his great work for our country. The 5th-day box office collection of the movie is supposed to be around Rs 5-6 crores.

Dr. Abdul Kalam 6th Day Box Office Collection

After entertainment, action, thrill, horror, romance Bollywood is now going to show the life story of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The movie itself would be a great offering of Bollywood. Three idiots principal Boman Irani is going to play the role of Kalam in this movie. The actor himself a great actor and will do complete justice with the role. On the 6th day of the release, the movie is expected to have a steady response on the box office and suppose to bag up to Rs 5 crores.

Dr. Abdul Kalam 7th Day Box Office Collection

Belonging to a small middle-class family, Dr. Abdul Kalam took their life journey on the clouds. He has made the enumerable contribution. ‘Dr. Abdul Kalam’ movie will be released on 6th April 2018 and this will go to be a blockbuster movie. The movie is supposed to make a business of Rs 100 crores after the 1st week of its release. There are chances that the film would make a business more the this if there are no clashes with other big Bollywood movie.