Hichki Movie Day Wise Box Office Collection Total Worldwide Business

Hichki Movie Day Wise Box Office Collection Total Worldwide Business :
Rani Mukerji starrer ‘Hichki’ the Bollywood movie started its box office journey with earning an amount of Rs 3.30 crore on first day of its release. After earning an income of Rs 3.30 crore on the first day, the Bollywood flick collected Rs 5.35 crore on second day of release. The comedy drama film registered a business of Rs 6.70 crore on third day of its release in India. On 1st weekend, the Indian film reportedly earned Rs 15.35 crore box office collection.

On 4th day of release, the Bollywood offering registered a business of Rs 2.40 crore at India’s box office. On fifth day, the Hindi film earned Rs 2.35 crore box office collection. Sixth day collection of ‘Hichki’ film was reported to be Rs 2.60 crore. The Hindi movie pocketed Rs 3.40 crore on seventh day of its release in India. After seven days, the Bollywood movie’s total box office collection was reported to be Rs 26.10 crore.

Hichki directed by Sidharth P. Malhotra and produced by Maneesh Sharma, the comedy drama film got positive public response. The comedy drama film earned Rs 2.40 crore on 8th day of its release. On ninth day, the Bollywood film witnessed little hike in the public response and raked in an amount of Rs 2.60 crore at the box office. Continuing to earn a good monetary profit in India, Rani Mukerji starrer offering garnered an income of Rs 3.40 crore on tenth day. On second weekend, the Bollywood movie earned a total amount of Rs 8.40 crore.

Featuring Rani Mukerji in the lead role of an actress, the Indian movie earned Rs 1.10 crore on 11th day of release. The Hindi language film made a business of Rs 1.00 crore on day 12. Rani Mukerji starrer movie collected an income of Rs 0.90 crore on thirteenth day of release. On fourteenth day, the Hindi film’s collection was reported to be Rs 0.90 crore. The comedy drama flick grossed an amount of Rs 38.40 crore in two weeks. In India, the Bollywood movie earned Rs 59.20 crore total box office collection. The table given below has the information about day-wise box office collection of the film.

Hichki Day Wise Collection

Days : Collection in Cr

One : INR 3.30 crore

Two : INR 5.35 crore

Three : INR 6.70 crore

First Weekend : INR 15.35 crore

Four : INR 2.40 crore

Five : INR 2.35 crore

Six : INR 2.60 crore

Seven : INR 3.40 crore

One Week : INR 26.10 crore

Eight : INR 2.40 crore

Nine : INR 2.60 crore

Ten : INR 3.40 crore

Second Weekend : INR 8.40 crore

Eleven : INR 1.10 crore

Twelve : INR 1.00 crore

Thirteen : INR 0.90 crore

Fourteen : INR 0.90 crore

Two Weeks : INR 38.40 crore

Total Business in India Gross : INR 59.20 crore

Total Collection in Overseas : INR 17.34 crore

Worldwide Box Office Income : INR 76.54 crore