South Indian actress Nidhi Subbaiah to get married in February

South Indian actress Nidhi Subbaiah

South Indian actress Nidhi Subbaiah is going to enter into wedlock with Lavesh Khairajani, her boyfriend of one and a half years, in February this year. Nidhi will marry Lavesh who is a tech entrepreneur hailing from a business family in Mumbai. The marriage function will be held in Coorg (her hometown).

While talking about how Lavesh proposed her, Nidhi told Times of India, “He had the most romantic proposal, and the cherry on the cake was that it was in Coorg. He had booked a table at a resort on January 1, replete with champagne, cheese, flowers and the works. He spoke for an hour about his love for me and, eventually, went down on his knees to tell me, ‘Nidhi, marry me’ and put a ring on my finger.”

Commenting on why she chose Coorg and not Goa as a venue for the wedding ceremony, the actress said, “Since Goa has been done to death and Lavesh’s friends find Coorg exotic, we chose to have it in my hometown. Lavesh’s family is supportive and has told me that I can do as I please when it comes to work and they will stand by my choices.”

The actress further said that she is planning to invite her closest industry buddies to her wedding ceremony.