Taxiwala 1st Day Box Office Collection Total Worldwide Business Income Report :

Taxiwala 1st Day Box Office Collection Total Worldwide Business Income Report :

‘Taxiwala’ is an upcoming Telugu movie. This is an action thriller movie. Rahul Sankrityan is the director of this movie. The movie is going to be produced by Allu Aravind and Vamsi Krishna Reddy under the production house of Geetha Arts and UV Creations. The main role in this flick is played by Vijay Deverakonda and Priyanka Jawalkar. The film is all set to release on 18th May 2018. This would be going to be an action movie that is mixed up with the content of thrill and suspense. This is going to be an entertaining movie as the movie has all the drama and masala for the audience.

Rahul Sankrityan written movie, ’Taxiwala’ will be released in the third week of May. The very first teaser of the movie is released by the makers of the movie through their official account. The teaser got a lot of views and like on social media platform and this depicts that the movie will perform well at the box office. The first-day box office collection of the movie is assumed to be Rs 1-2 crores. And if the word of mouth is good, the movie is able to earn more than this. The movie is going to be an action one with a lot of drama and all the stuff that will surely make the audience to praise the flick.

‘Taxiwala’ is based on an interesting story. In this movie, Vijay is going to play the character of a Taxi driver. One day he met with a ghost and this ghost became his co-passenger and after this, all the story revolves around how Vijay helps that ghost to solve his problems. On the 2nd day of the release the movie is supposed to bag Rs 2-3 crores at the box office and this is a good start of movie collection on box office.

Vijay Deverakonda is a wonderful Indian actor and has worked in a number of Telugu movies and got fame from the movies like Pellichoopulu and Arjun Reddy which are the blockbusters in Tollywood. On the 3rd day of the movie release, which is the first Monday after the release of the movie, the movie is supposed to earn up to Rs 3-4 crores at the box office.

‘Taxiwala’ made under the direction of Rahul Sankrityan is expected to hit the screen the screen on third Friday of May. The movie will give a good start to the month of April and will show a good action story that is added to the mixture of suspense and drama. From the posters and the trailer of the movie, it can be concluded that movie will get the good rating on the box office and will able to make the business of Rs 10 crores in the first week of its release.

Taxiwala Theatre Occupancy

Day 1 30-55%
Day 2 40-60%
Day 3 45-65%
Day 4 25-35%
Day 5 21-31%
Day 6 20-30%
Day 7 18-28%
Day 8 22-32%
Day 9 25-35%
Day 10 27-37%
Day 11 17-27%
Day 12 15-25%
Day 13 13-23%
Day 14 10-20%
Day 15 13-23%
Day 16 15-25%
Day 17 7-17%
Day 18 5-15%
Day 19 4-14%
Day 20 4-10%
Day 21 3-13%

Taxiwala Box Office Collection

1st Day 1-2 crore
2nd Day 2-3 crore
3rd Day 3-5 crore
4th Day 5-6 crore
5th Day 6-7 crore
6th Day 7-8 crore
7th Day 8-10 crore
8th Day 10-12 crore
9th Day 12-15 crore
10th Day 15-14 crore
11th Day 14-12 crore
12th Day 12-11 crore
13th Day 11-10 crore
14th Day 10-8 crore
15th Day 8-6 crore
16th Day 6-4 crore
17th Day 6-5 crore
18th Day 5-4 crore
19th Day 5-3 crore
20th Day 3-2 crore
21st Day 2-1 crore

Taxiwala Overseas Collection

Countries Total Earnings
Australia Coming soon
United Kingdom Coming soon
New Zealand Coming soon
United Arab Emirates Coming soon
North America (US & Canada) Coming soon
Pakistan Coming soon
Malaysia Coming soon
Germany Coming soon

The income of the movie is mere the prediction and the exact figure can be estimated only after the release of the movie.