Yashpal Arya joins Bhartoy Janata Party in presence of BJP president Amit Shah

Senior Congress leader Yashpal Arya, who is also a state cabinet minister, joined the Bhartiy Janata Party on Monday. It was surprise move to the faction-ridden party in the state.

During a function held in Delhi on January 16, Mr Arya joined Bhartiy Janata Party in the presence of Amit Shah, who is the BJP national president.Yashpal Arya’s son Sanjeev Arya also joined the same party on Monday, a month ahead of assembly elections in Uttarakhand.

Soon after joining the BJP, Mr Arya said, “Congress is not the same party which I knew, it has drifted from its principles.” Congress spokesperson Mathura Dutt Joshi said, “Congress gave identity, position and respect to Arya. Such leaders never become loyal to anyone.”

“I left Congress with a heavy heart, the party is no longer what it used to be. Their principles have declined,” said the former senior Congress leader. He further said, “My vision is Uttarakhand’s development and Modiji and Amit Shah share the same vision.”