Happy Canada Day 2018 Celebrations, Fireworks, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver Events, Party Ideas : Canada Day is about to be celebrated in the major cities of Canada on 1st July 2018. The annual event is jollified by arranging various events and functions at famous locations in the country. Although there’s no standard process of rejoicing this yearly event, people of the nation organize various music concerts, functions, festivals and carnivals to express their joy and happiness.

Ottawa, Greater Toronto and Vancouver are the three major cities in Canada, where the celebrations are held on large numbers. People gather together to exult the annual gala by attending music concerts. Bursting firecrackers is one of the most preferred way of celebrating the event, but the same has been banned in some parts of the country as per the new rules. One bursting the firecrackers in the Cariboo Fire Centre and Kamloops Fire Centre will be penalized for the cause.

Social media has became the biggest platform for expressing the enjoyment and fun with friends and families. One can celebrate Canada Day 2018 by uploading the seflies clicked with his nearest and dearest ones. There’re various famous tourist spots in the country which people can visit and store the memories of their visit to the place by capturing their own photos via smartphones and cameras.

Pattern of arranging parties for the event differs from person to person. Some ideal party ideas include 1) Going for trip or picnic with family or friends, 2) Attending a music concert with friends or family, 3) Going for lunch or dinner in big hotels or restaurants, 4) Greeting each others in unique and memorial ways, etc. Choose any of this idea or invent your own to make Canada Day 2018 celebrations unforgettable.