Tamil Nadu Assembly passes Bill to allow Jallikattu

Jallikattu, an ancient bull-taming sport

After seeing the increase in violence due to protests in Tamil Nadu, the state Assembly on Monday passed the bill to allow Jallikattu event in the state.

The Bill defines Jallikattu as an event involving bulls conducted from January to May with a view to following culture and tradition. The bill also includes similar events like vadamaduerudhuvidum and manjuviratu festivals.

The Bill further says that considering the significant role of Jallikattu in promoting and preserving the culture and tradition among people and also in view of ensuring the continuance and survival of native breeds of bulls. Thus, the Tamil Nadu Government has decided to exempt Jallikattu from the provisions of the PCA Act.

People from various parts of the state had been gathering at Marina beach to hold a protest in favour of the famous bull-taming sport in the state. Chennai was rocked by the violence on Monday after the police force moved to evict nearly 10,000 Jallikattu protesters from the Marina Beach.

More than a hundred people were reportedly injured. At least two police stations and many vehicles were set on fire. Several people have been taken into custody and the police is yet to specify the number of arrests or detentions made.

Action taken by the police force in Chennai led to unrest across the state as police resorted to lathicharge to control the crowds in Coimbatore, Alanganallur near Madurai and Erode.